The 1Bloom Story


Gia Vasey, CPF, has been the proud founder and owner of 1BLoom since 2010. This high energy company is built on the love of flowers and love of fantastic people! 

From weddings and parties to celebration of life and sympathy tributes,  discover how this honest, studio-based design company will offer the personalization you need for your event without the overhead of an expensive retail storefront.  We offer reliability and attention to detail that is without rival!

It's the unique combination of continuing floral education mixed with a strong, creative team of designers that makes 1Bloom a trusted partner to our clients.

It's our true pride and integrity that has earned 1Bloom's reputation for extraordinary production and unparalleled quality.

It's passion for manifesting beautiful experiences for our clients that connects us at 1Bloom.

Call for your custom consultation today, and catch our inspiration!  1Bloom... One Very Happy Beginning!